Events & Specials

A Great Venue for Those who love to Listen

Dinner Specials

  • Mondays:
    Every second “MEZZE” dish is $2.22!
    (Limit of 10 dishes @ discount price)

  • Tuesdays:
    Any “MEZZE” dish is $3.33!
    (Limit of 20 dishes @ discount price)

  • Dinner only; not valid with any other offer, holidays, or special events.

    Wednesday Concert Series

    Sets at 9:00 and 10:15 pm
    Cover charge $10.00

    Reservations recommended for the first set

    March – April 2018

    March 7 Maureen Kennedy (vocals) & Ben Bishop (guitar)
    March 14 Ben D’Cunha (piano, vocals) & Jack McFadden (bass)
    March 21 KATZOLLAR: Brian Katz (classical guitar, piano, vocals) & Ernie Tollar (sax, bansuri, flute, ney) – Original compositions in the world jazz genre: Rooted in the modern jazz tradition embracing elements of Middle Eastern, East Indian, folk, classical , klezmer and more
    March 28 Rob Piltch (guitar) & Neil Swainson (bass)
    April 11 Rebecca Enkin (vocals) & Mike Allen (guitar)
    April 18 David Occhipinti (guitar) & Dan Fortin (bass)
    April 25 Joel Sheridan (vocals) & Eric St. Laurent (guitar)

    Mezzetta Jazz Music Festival
    May 22 to May 27, 2018
    Details will be announced.