Events & Specials

A Great Venue for Those who love to Listen

Dinner Specials

  • Loonie Mondays:
    Every 2nd “mezze” dish is $1.95
    (Limit of 15 per party)

  • Toonie Tuesdays:
    Every “mezze” dish is $2.95
    (Limit of 25 per party)
  • Wednesday Concert Series

    Sets at 9:00 and 10:15 pm
    Cover charge $10.00

    Reservations recommended for the first set

    May – June 2017

    May 3 Maureen Kennedy (vocals), Ben Bishop (guitar)
    May 10 Tres Kilos: Rhythm dealers – Larry Lewis - guitar and tres, Jonno Lightstone - clarinet and flute, Marcus Chonsky - percussion: A helping of Cuban roots music with a little improv salsa on the side and a mezze of hip. ˇSabroso! Tasty! ** Cover $12**
    May 17 Lorne Lofsky & David Occhipinti (Guitar Duet)
    May 24 Brazilian Jazz with Bill McBirnie (flute) & Bernie Senensky (piano)
    May 31 Espresso Manifesto: Daniela Nardi (vocals), Ron Davis (piano): A spirited, passionate, "al dente" musical journey into the Jazz side of the Italian Songbook
    June 7 Mike Murley - multiple Juno Award Winner 2017 included - (sax), Reg Schwager (guitar)
    June 14 Nathan Hiltz (guitar), Pat Collins (bass)
    June 21 Angela Turone (vocals), Chris Platt (guitar) Bossa Duo play the music of Brazil